While you might be confident in your skills as a new driver, there’s no such thing as being too safe. That’s why taking a safe driving course is the best way to make sure you’re familiar with all the road rules, how to deal with an issue while on the road, and how to avoid any potentially dangerous situations.

Benefits of a Safe Driving Course

There are dozens of benefits to taking a safe driving course. For one, taking one like the Safer Drivers Course is beneficial because it helps you gain 20 logbook hours. Not only that, but you’ll also learn to identify hazards on the road, learn how to reduce the risk of being in a crash, how to be a safe P-plate driver, and more.

By taking a safe driving course, you are learning to understand the importance of being a safe and low-risk driver, how to keep others safe on the road, and more. You will also get a more personalised approach to driving as your instructor can customise the program to suit your needs.

Cost and Length of the Safe Driving Course

Many people may be hesitant to take the safe driving course because they believe it’s either too expensive or too long. But the truth is, the safe driving course only costs $140 and takes just five hours to complete. Not to mention that two of those five hours are spent driving in the car.

While three hours of a class sounds daunting, rest assured that it is as entertaining as it is informative. The class is interactive and done in a group, so the spotlight won’t be on you the entire time. The course also includes videos and other activities that are sure to keep you involved and entertained throughout the duration of the course.

When you get to the driving part of the course, your instructor will coach you through the course and will make sure you are being safe while driving.

When it comes to driving, there are just some things you need to learn from an instructor. If you aren’t fully informed and skilled at driving, you will not only fail your driver’s test, but you will also be putting your life and the lives of others at risk when you get on the road.