Learning a new language is a gradual process. However, the learning process can be made easier and more rewarding if you know what to do. When learning a new language like Japanese, you must begin with the basics and create a strong foundation.

Below are some helpful tips when learning Japanese:

Practice to Master the Basics

The Japanese writing system is quite different from English. That is why you must practice to master the basics. Start by using an alphabet as much as you can. Focus on a letter or two every week and write with it whenever you can. Practice writing any Japanese words you know. When you become comfortable with Japanese scripts, differentiate when to use each one. Use Katakana for foreign words and Hiragana for native Japanese words. This will help you incorporate Kanji eventually.

Utilize Dependable Resources

Every person has different levels of awareness and learning methods. In case you are not sure how to learn, consider your previous learning experience. Finding common themes will help you determine the right resources for you. Look for learning opportunities online and offline. For instance, find conversation groups and Japanese language school or look for a local Japanese culture center or exchange programs.

Look for a Tutor

Experienced Japanese tutors understand how to teach the language to beginners. A Japanese teacher who is a native speaker understands the language better than anyone else. But, keep in mind that native language proficiency does not always guarantee the ability to effectively teach the language to a non-native speaker. When choosing a language tutor, prioritize their teaching and tutoring experience.

Have Time Dedicated to Studying Japanese

You must make time to study the language if you want to learn or master it. You can set time daily or many times throughout the week, especially if you are working with a tutor. You must use this time to review what your tutor covered during your class or lesson. Write down any questions you may have and ask your teacher during the next lesson.

Commit to Language Mastery

Learning Japanese is one thing and mastering it is another. Mastering the language is not possible overnight. Some people say mastering it can take years. But, if you are serious about learning and understanding the language, you must be patient and prepared to deal with frustrations and challenges you may encounter along the way. You can only master Japanese if you do your best.