Running a business or setting up a new one can be fraught with dangers and most new businesses go under in the first year. As the owner, you need to do everything that you can, to keep your business afloat and having the necessary cash to do that is crucial. However, borrowing money takes time and effort and banks want so much paperwork and so many details that going down this avenue has become less attractive. However, there are alternatives and there are specialist finance companies who will lend you the money with the bare minimum of paperwork needed.

The advantages of low doc business loans are many and this type of loan has helped many businesses in Australia to keep their heads above water. As mentioned previously, most businesses fail due to a lack of cash and it would be a shame to have to close down your dream business because you were not able to borrow the necessary funds to keep it going until you got out of danger. Sometimes, a bridging loan is all that is needed to get past a difficult time. Here are just some of those benefits.

  • The same amount of documents are not required that you would normally be asked for in a regular bank and the loan can be used for any purpose that you want it for. You are not restricted to what you can spend it on. The procedure is much less complicated than you would think and a lot of the decisions can be made immediately or within twenty four hours. A quick decision is crucial if you need the funds immediately.
  • The great majority of low documentation business loans are uninsured loans, so you don’t have to provide the lender with any collateral like your stock or your business premises. This gives some peace of mind. Loans from banks expect you to put up your home, your stock or your actual business before they even consider lending you any money. This is stress that you don’t need hanging over your shoulder as you try to make a success of your business.
  • You can apply for the loan from the comfort of your office chair as it can be done over the internet or over the phone. Generally, you can get a decision quickly and if they need any additional documents, that will be made clear to you. It is a simple and painless procedure as it should be and it leaves you time to spend working on your business instead of being stuck in a bank for most of the day.

This is a great way to generate some additional cash to invest in your business and hopefully generate enough profits to pay it back quickly. It would be such a shame to be offered a once in a lifetime deal on new stock and not being able to take advantage of it. This loan could be the thing that gives your business the lift that it needs to go on to be profitable and even expand into other areas.