When it comes to making an investment in your child’s future, your choice of school is very important and while there are lots of schools, it is widely accepted that an international school education is the best available today. Of course, term fees are high at an international school, but you can’t make a better investment for your son or daughter than providing them with an international school education.

English Language Proficiency

If you are a non-native English speaker, you will want your child to have fluency in English, as this is the international language, and with the BASIS international school, your child will develop excellent language skills that will be very valuable when they are looking to start a career. At international schools, English is the language of instruction and joining at kindergarten level will ensure that your child is an intermediate level by the time they enter the high school years.

The British Curriculum

The UK National Curriculum is widely accepted as being the best in the world and most international schools follow the UK National Curriculum, while a few use the American curriculum. Not only do international schools follow the best curriculum, they also hire their teachers directly from the homeland, so your son or daughter will be taught by the best teachers.

Multi-Cultural Learning Environment

The kids who study at an international school come from all parts of the world, which means your child will be exposed to many different languages and cultures and that will prove to be invaluable as they grow older. Learning about other cultures broadens a student’s horizon, while they are also able to appreciate other cultures and religions, which leads to a balanced view of the world.

Academic Excellence

Many people would say that a school is only as good as its academic statistics and when browsing school websites, you should take note of their academic performance and student achievements. Once a student enters Year 6, they should be striving for academic excellence, as this will put them in a good position once they are ready for further education. If, for example, your child shows a high level of interest in particular subjects, this should be encouraged and supported, both inside and outside of school.

If a school impresses you, the next step is to take your child along and let them experience the warm and inviting ambience that can be found at a top international school.