There are so many students worldwide who are great in academics and want to study further and get a degree but do not have sufficient funds to do so. If the case is the same with you, you shouldn’t worry because you can study in Singapore with nus moe bursary.

NUS MOE Bursary

NUS is one of the most reputed universities in entire Singapore, and as a result, many people want to study there. That is why MOE Bursary is provided to students who do not have sufficient funds for paying the fees but are capable of studying there.


For getting the moe bursary, many requirements must be fulfilled. This is done to ensure that no one can take the wrong benefits from this bursary, and only the needy people should get to avail of this. The major criteria for getting this bursary are grades and annual family income. The person availing this should have good grades and have a less than a certain amount of family income.

This policy is great for the people from lower-middle-class families because they often have the capabilities but do not have the funds to continue their studies.